On 20th November 2012, the IEEE Student Branch JKU Linz organized an excursion to the Voest Alpine. All 26 participants met at the entrance of the Voest Stahlwelt which opened to the public in 2009 and which strikes the eye with its interesting architecture. We started off with a tour guide around the "museum" part of the company where we got an insight and explanation about the steel production and its history (particularly to vest alpine related).

Afterwards, the actual plant tour took place. With a special tour bus, we passed each station on the production area. We saw run-off at the biggest blast furnace at Linz and a we could take a look at the hot rolling factory.

Our last stop of the excursion was in the office building at the conference room "New York". Each conference room had a different name corresponding to different cities of the world. The architecture of the office building was very unique due to its modern features with much use of glass. The participants got the chance to get in touch with two former JKU mechatronics students who are currently employed in the company. They told us about how they got there and what their everyday life looked like. During our two hour discussion time, we were also provided with a small buffet. It was a good chance for the students to learn which opportunities they had and to learn useful tips from the two mechatronics graduates.