By joining the IEEE, you will have made an important step not just in your engineering career but also in your social life.

The benefits include:

areceiving the IEEE Spectrum Magazine (amongst many other magazines) online and sometimes also a printed version directly to your postbox

bbeing part of the largest technical society of the world

cdirect contact with the local member community, giving you the opportunity to participate in competitions, excursions and networking

dopportunity to receive an IEEE scholarship

eaccess to the IEEE Member Digital Library

fdiscount on selected products just for IEEE members

Keep in mind, that the cost for joining the IEEE membership pays itself back in big rewards which no other institution or group in the world can provide you with. Think of it as an investment in your career and future. Up until now, none of the members have regretted their decision to join the IEEE.

With the help of the IEEE, you will be able to establish valuable contacts with like-minded people that will last for a lifetime.

As an engineer, you are expected to be up-to-date with the latest technology and this can only happen if you are well informed and have a wide network of professional contacts in your field. IEEE can provide you with the most professional information about your field assessed by the best engineers around the world.